Wish In A Bottle

What began as a hiking adventure in hot sunny days 2018, and everyday trips to the gym became a goal for CEO/Owner Allain McGuffie to make carrying water convenient and littering free. Wish In A Bottle designed to be your active lifestyle companion: Your travel, gym, everyday bottle should; lightweight, collapsible, fashionable, and most importantly save space for what matters. As owner, I am proud to represent Wish In A Bottle LLC, and also will continue working tirelessly to make sure our customers are satisfied with this great cost effective bottle.

Who We Are

Supplying solutions customized to our clients, wish in a bottle has become the main Bottled Water Supplier in Miramar FL. With thousands of regular clients and a team of 10 staff members it is safe to say that wish in a bottle is here to stay. We guarantee our clients a fair market price for the best products available and a variety of amazing services. Contact us to learn more.


Material Description

Wish in a Bottle is unique foldable design: The reusable water bottle is lightweight, fashionable, and portable. Thus reducing the space and weight in your backpack. Environmental, Durable and Reusable,Safe and non-toxic: BPA Free Silicone insulated material. With leak proof design, safe to use, BPA free, so water will not be contaminated. It is made from tough but soft silicone material, which will not break or crack even if it falls.